6 Easy Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bills & Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in an energy-efficient home that not only results in large savings in the electricity bills but is also environmentally-friendly with a small carbon footprint! For a truly sustainable home, it is advisable to start thinking about energy efficiency right from the beginning. Ask your Continue Reading

Startup Launches India’s First RTO-Approved Electric Conversion Kit for Motorcycles

Even during the low sale period of the COVID-19 pandemic, India saw over one crore two wheelers being sold to the common man. Despite holding the highest share of sales in the domestic automobile industry, these vehicles have till now remained limited to fuel-run models. To provide an alternative, technology-based Continue Reading

50 Wetlands, 14000 Farmers & 1 Hero: How Sarus Cranes Were Revived From the Brink

In 2012, wildlife conservationist Dr Samir Kumar Sinha learned that the sarus crane was facing multiple threats in eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh. “The habitat of the non-migratory bird was shrinking, and the eggs were being destroyed or stolen even before they hatched. Similar information came from across 10 districts Continue Reading

Spending Just Rs 500/Month, I Grow 100+ Plants at Home. Here’s How

In 2017, Anna Mani Ratnam (27), a resident of Machilipatnam, moved into a newly constructed home with his family. One of the most exciting aspects of the move was that now Mani could finally pursue a dream he had nurtured since childhood — terrace gardening. “In our previous home, we Continue Reading

Farmer’s 16-YO Son Innovates Low-Cost Device To Sow Seeds; Plough Land Faster

The coastal region of South Canara in Kartnataka’s Mangalore district is known for its progressive growth in literacy, equality, and employment rates. However, a major stronghold of the area’s survival, which is agriculture, has seen a steady decline over the years. While the cause for this remains natural factors like Continue Reading

College Reunion Inspires Farming Startup, Duo Grow 70kg Soilless Veggies Per Month

“My husband and I were looking to eat food that was lighter on the stomach and salads seemed like a great choice,” Sindu Pandalai tells The Better India. She adds that she decided to shift to healthy eating because she was getting old. She goes on, “However, the salad leaves Continue Reading

Engineer Learns to Upcycle Drums & Tyres From YouTube, Earns Rs 1 Crore

Pramod Susare from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, completed his mechanical engineering in 2015 and began working as a maintenance engineer with a multinational company in Pune. He earned Rs 12,000 a month and struggled to meet monthly expenses. “I used to send Rs 5,000 a month to support my family and had Continue Reading

Efficient management and value addition from water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), growing in Jakkur Lake.

This project will develop proof of concept for a specially designed anaerobic digester for biomethanation of water hyacinth at Jakkur lake.  Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is one of the prominent invading macrophytes growing in the Jakkur lake (Fig1). It is amongst the fastest growing, invasive free-floating weed which is capable Continue Reading

Sowl Kere: Sustainable Treated Water Feed Project

This project will evaluate the STP at Sowl Kere for its effectiveness and efficiency levels A lake’s identity is the water it holds and the life it sustains around. Sowl Kere does not get much water. The storm water mixed with sewage flows around it and is diverted out. This Continue Reading

Sustainable Hack: Watch How to Make Your First Eco-Friendly Ganesha Statue at Home

As we approach the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, which celebrates the birth of the Hindu Lord Ganesh, a number of eco-friendly alternatives to the plaster of paris (POP) models crop up. The 10-day festivities end in the immersion of the statue into the water, also known as ‘visarjan’. Over the Continue Reading