Efficient management and value addition from water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), growing in Jakkur Lake.

This project will develop proof of concept for a specially designed anaerobic digester for biomethanation of water hyacinth at Jakkur lake.  Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is one of the prominent invading macrophytes growing in the Jakkur lake (Fig1). It is amongst the fastest growing, invasive free-floating weed which is capable Continue Reading

Sowl Kere: Sustainable Treated Water Feed Project

This project will evaluate the STP at Sowl Kere for its effectiveness and efficiency levels A lake’s identity is the water it holds and the life it sustains around. Sowl Kere does not get much water. The storm water mixed with sewage flows around it and is diverted out. This Continue Reading

The Bee Garden Project

  The Bee Garden Project aims to highlight the importance of ‘functional biodiversity’ and draw attention to the role of non-honey bee pollinators in an urban context. Solitary bees are important pollinators that ‘buzz-pollinate’ plants such as brinjal, tomato and chillies. They require dead wood, twigs, or exposed soil for Continue Reading